Hole 13

Par 4

Our signature hole at Concord, number thirteen is as fun to play as it is to gaze at. Playing downhill and sloping right to left, the fairway works itself through a beautiful backdrop of hardwoods. A small brook bisects the fairway, splitting it into upper and lower halves. The right side, or upper half, is the more popular, safer route. The left side, or lower half, requires a longer drive, but will provide the golfer with a much flatter lie and better angle into the green. Your approach shot into a classic William Flynn push-up green must navigate bunkerage both right and left and a steep, closely-mown grade leading up to the green. Behind the green is an artfully landscaped embankment with beautiful flora. While it is easy on the eyes, chipping down the hill is not easy on the scorecard, so distance control on your approach is imperative. It’s always a good idea to play for the heart of the green, which will leave you a manageable putt regardless of the pin position.